Kanaa ranskalaisilla 7,00€
Chicken fillet pieces with french fries. (Does not include Basmati rice and raita)

Gulabi Paneer (G) 8,50€
Finnish squeaky cheese in tomato-butter-cream sauce.

Kukhuro Masu (G, L) 8,50€
Stewed chicken fillet pieces in tomato-curry sauce.

Gulabi Kukhuro (G) 8,50€
Tandoori grilled chicken fillet pieces in tomato-butter-cream sauce.

Prawn Gulabi (G) 9,00€
Shrimps in tomato-butter-cream sauce.

Bhendako Masu (G, L) 9,00€
Stewed lamb pieces in tomato-onion-curry sauce.

Each dish includes Basmati rice, raita and a small portion of ice-cream when asked.

Mild Medium spicy Very spicy

G= Gluten-free, L= Lactose-free