Banana milk shake 4,00€

Mango Lassi 4,50€

Mount kera 6,00€
Fried banana in honey syrup topped with ice cream and whipped cream.

Tutti frutti ice cream 6,00€
One ball of each Strawberry, vanilla and mango ice cream topped with fruit cocktail.

Ice cream portions 4,50€
Three balls of either strawberry or vanilla or mango – with caramel or chocolate dressing.

Kulfi 6,50€
Condensed milk-parfait containing pistachio, almonds and cashew nut, mildly flavored with cardamom.

Irish coffee 7,90€

Amaretto coffee 7,90€

Nepalese tea or coffee 3,00€

Tee – Tea 2,00€

Green Tea 2,00€

Espresso 2,50€

Cappuccino 3,00€

Café Latte 3,50€

Plain Lassi (Sweet or salty) 3,50€