35. BHENDO MASU (G, L) 15,50€
Stewed lamb pieces in spicy tomato-curry sauce.

36. BHENDO MOMO (L) 15,90€
Wheat flour coated steamed minced lamb meat balls seasoned with cumin, coriander, ginger and garlic.
(Served with vegetable soup, naan bread and tomato chutney) It takes 30 min. time.

37. BHENDO MASALA (G, L) 16,50€
Stewed lamb pieces and bamboo shoots in spicy tomato-cumin seeds -onion -ginger sauce.

38. BHENDO KOFTA (G, L) 16,50€
Minced lamb meat balls seasoned with cumin and coriander in slightly spicy tomato-onionginger-
masala sauce.

39.BHENDO KORMA (G) 16,90€
Stewed lamb pieces in tomato–cashew-coconut powder- cream sauces.

40.PIRO BHENDO (G, L) 16,90€
Stewed lamb pieces and capsicum in onion-garlic-tomato-chili sauce.

41. BHENDO LASUNE SAAG (G, L) 16,90€
Stewed lamb pieces in spinach-garlic-curry sauce.

42. BHENDO KARAHI (G, L) 17,90€
Haudutettuja lampaan paloja mausteisessa tomaatti-valkosipuli-inkivääri kookos currykastikkeessa.
Stewed lamb in spicy tomato-garlic-ginger-coconut curry sauce.

Each dish includes Basmati rice, salad raita and Nan-bread.( Not in no.36)

Mild Medium spicy Very spicy

G= Gluten-free, L= Lactose-free