14. Saag Alu (G, L) 12,90€
Fried spinach and potatoes in spicy base.

15.Dal Mokhani (G) 13,90€
Stewed lentils in tomato-butter-cream sauce.
-Served with mint chutney.

16. Hariyali Kofta (G) 13,90€
Deep fried vegetable balls consisting of cauliflower, potatoes and cottage cheese
in spinach-curry-cream sauce.

17. Bhindi Masala (G, L) 13,90€
Sautéed okra, potatoes, mushroom and capsicum in medium spicy

18. Tofu Chili (G, L) 13,90€
Tofu and capsicum in tomato-onion chili-soya sauce.

19. Saag Paneer (G) 13,90€
Fried spinach and fresh cheese with curry-cream sauce.

20. Aloo Gobi Tofu (G, L) 13,90€
Fried potato, Tofu and cauliflower in medium spicy masala sauce.

21. Mixed Vegetables (G, L) 13,90€
Stewed potatoes, cauliflower, green beans, sweet peas, capsicum and
mushroom in hot & spicy onion-garlic-ginger-tomato-chili sauce.

22. Gulabi Kofta (G) 14,90€
Vegetable balls consisting of potatoes, cashew nuts, raisins,
cottage cheese in tomato-butter-cream sauce.

23. Sabjee Korma (G) 14,90€
Mixed vegetables and mushroom in honey-cashew-coconut-tomato-curry-cream sauce.

24. Gulabi Paneer (G) 15,50€
Finnish squeaky cheese in tomato -butter-cream sauce.

25. Karahi Paneer (G) 15,90€
Fried fresh cheese, capsicum and onion in spicy tomato-chili-garlic-ginger-curry sauce.

Each dish includes Basmati rice, raita, salad and Nan-bread

Mild Medium spicy Very spicy

G= Gluten-free, L= Lactose-free